Types Of Major Plumbing Problems

Major plumbing problems

Common plumbing problems

No matter how well your plumbing has been installed in your home or your building. At some point of time, there will always be some or the other plumbing issue which is inevitable to occur. Every home owner comes across these issues at some or the other point of time in their life. Some of the plumbing problems are comparatively minor like leaky faucet but these can be converted into major ones of not treated in time. Major plumbing issues can lead you to major expenses and can create a big hole in your pocket. If these plumbing problems reach your ceiling, floors and walls then it’s a big matter to worry about. Here are some of the major plumbing problems which should be tackled as soon as you sight them instead of ignoring them.

Pipes which are very much old might get out of mind and also out of sight till the time a mysterious leak happens. Old plumbing materials like galvanized steel and iron which will corrode eventually leading to the pinhole leaks or even restricted water flow in the pipes. Galvanized pipes are usually used in the construction before even World War 2 but they might be found in many of the homes in today’s time also. If you are not sure about the quality or the age of the pipes installed in your home, then you must check the shutoff valves and faucets in your home. If they look like ancient relics or if you cannot spot any shutoff valves at any of the fixtures then this means that your pipes are old and it can be one of the reasons for your major plumbing problems.

It’s not really possible to see what is going on underground as far as shrub roots are tress are concerned, it might be very much difficult to know how far has these roots reached and what is their effect under the soil. In certain cases, tree roots will work their way into the pipe joints and it will cause leaks there or complete blockages in their sewer pipes. This can result into the sewage backup through the floor drains. An auger will chew away tree roots within the pipes but the roots will grow back. Chemical root killers are generally used by the professional to keep your home away from such major plumbing problems. If this plumbing problem is very much severe, the pipe might be needed to be replaced totally and that will need digging up your yard.

There can be many reasons for pipe leak or burst. One of the reasons for these major plumbing problems can be undone pipe connection. As many pipes in the home are hidden in between the floors or within the walls, thus when a leak occurs, the water will come down from the first floor ceiling to the ground floor. Repairing this will involve tearing out the whole damaged area and also looking between the walls and floors. Make sure you don’t come across those major plumbing problems.

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