Types Of Carport

Majority of home owners have more than one vehicle and it is definitely difficult to have a garage space for each of your vehicle. Usually garage space comes secondary to the place where you reside but this does not mean that your vehicles safety is scarified. However if you cannot afford garage space for each of your vehicle owned, you can definitely afford carport for them. Carport is not like garage but still protects your vehicle and avails it a shade. There are many types of carport and hence you have got varieties to choose from. It depends upon the type of area where you live as to which type of carport to go for. It also depends upon the surrounding and the weather conditions as which type of carport you should install in your home. Carports are really helpful in saving your vehicle from snow, rain and sun and help protect it from such elements. Types of carport you install also depend upon the available space in your home. Here are some of the types of carports from which you can choose the one best suitable to your needs and space.

Wood carportWood carports are such types of carports which are most durable and strong and elegant among all the types of carports. When wood carports are installed the support poles needed for the carport is also made from wood. Such wood is always treated before installation to make sure that it is termite free and termite resistant. This additional treatment to wood carports and also the weight of the material along with the special and extra skills which are needed to install wooden carport make it a bit too expensive. However, apart from the fact that they are expensive, these types of carports are very much suitable for portico or lean carports.

Polyester carportIf you are short on budget but you want your vehicle to be protected then the best type of carport for you is polyester carport. These types of carports are the least expensive among all the types of carport. Polyester carports are made from synthetic materials which are stretched over the supporting poles on a frame. These types of carports are very much light weighted but they provide protection from sun, rain and snow to your vehicles. Such carports are really easy to be transported from one place to another and they are also very much easy to install. But they do have a drawback as they cannot withstand high winds or situation of heavy snowfall and thus this thing makes them ineligible for permanent carports.


Aluminum carportThese types of carports are really low weighted and hence it makes them really easy to transport and also install. Such types of carports are really preferable when there is requirement of temporary carports for any big events. Aluminum carports are available in many types of varieties, designs and colors. These can also be used as free standing carports standing at a distance from the main house or even office.

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