Top 6 Problems of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl SidingAttracted with the benefits of the vinyl siding, many of the homeowners have opted it. But while installation they come across many of the problems that come generally in vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is very popular and prominent among homeowners. But you should also be aware about the drawbacks about the vinyl siding. That will be helpful to you in the long run. It’s a wrong believed notion that once installed you are free from all maintenance troubles in this siding. But you are totally wrong. Here are some of the cons you face with vinyl siding.


You are offered with many colors and varieties in vinyl siding and it can also easily adapt close look of wood siding. But those who have a bright vision can easily point the difference between real wood and vinyl siding. Apart from the reality how efficiently vinyl siding is installed still it is not able to give as appealing look as stone or wood siding gives.

Environmental organizations are always in oppose of vinyl siding. The material from which vinyl is made up is plastic which is extremely harmful to the environment. The end product is toxic which got released at high temperature. If any of the situation it catch fire then it can expose very high amount of toxin which is harmful for people residing in the house.

Vinyl siding is available in various styles and patterns with various array of prices. If attracted by the cost effectiveness, you opt for the cheapest one, it will be more susceptible to fading and discoloring. With passage of time, it fades so badly that needs to be replaced.

It’s easy to damage if hit hard by any object. Even if it is pushed accidently by the lawn mower or snow blower it gets damaged. Vinyl siding is not easy to repair material. Damages like cracks and bends are also not easy to repair. The only option you are left with is replacement and it is pretty tough because it might be difficult to get the matches of exact match.

After passing sometime, vinyl siding will collect dirt, mold, mildew and dust. If not paid attention and left like that only it can lead to attack your house. Thus we come to the conclusion that regular cleaning is must for vinyl siding as against to its popular pro of easy maintenance.

Vinyl siding can come across the problem of moisture. It is not moisture resistant. If the siding is not clean properly, moisture can be collected and your siding can be ruined. Even if you use the pressure washers same problem can be generated. Due to moisture issues, problems like mold, damage in wallpapers and cracks in paint are generated. Moisture generated under the siding can easily and rapidly deteriorate your home.

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