Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn Every Season

Lawn care in winterYour home definitely looks beautiful with a lush green lawn in the front yard but it is important that you take care of your lawn so that it looks beautiful throughout the year.

Lawn care in winter

During the winter months, lawns become dormant but it does not mean that you stop caring for them. Your winter lawn care should actually begin in late fall and you should start preparing your lawn for the colder months when fall is coming to an end.

• Though grasses do not require mowing in the winter, you should mow regularly until the ground freezes as short grasses are better than long grasses during winter
• Fertilizing during the winters depend on the type of grass you have in your lawn. If you have warm-seasons grass fertilizers will harm rather than benefit the lawn.
• Weeds will thrive in winters as well and therefore you should use a good herbicide
• Your lawn will not require much watering during the winter months

Lawn care in spring

Very early spring marks the time when you should start preparing your lawn for the upcoming active grass growth and enhanced recreational use.
• As the snow starts to melt, you should clean and tune up your lawn.
• Aerating the lawn during this time is crucial so that the grass grows in a healthy manner
• Weed control efforts need to be increased during this season.
• If you have fertilized your lawn during the fall, do not fertilize during spring.

Lawn care in summer

Hot summers can kill the lawn grasses; therefore it is important to water them properly.
• 2.5 inches of water must be added each week to your lawn during the summer.
• Mow the lawn and keep the grass height at 3 inches
• Maintain a proper fertilization schedule

Lawn care in fall

Different types of grass require different kinds of care during fall.
• Water the lawn, it is a misconception that lawns don’t need watering during fall
• If you have a cool-season lawn, fall is the best time to revitalize it

Painting internal doors

Painting internal doorsOver the years the paint on the interior doors starts to deteriorate. What you can do at that time is repaint them. The steps to paint internal doors are really easy. Since the doors are subject to wear and tear you will find chips and cracks here and there. It is important to get them smoothed after which the painting process would start.

The first thing that you must ensure is that the doors are hanging on the hinges. This will help you to paint both the sides at the same time. For this the locks can be set off for the time being but you must get this done before you start. You can also mask them if you want for better result. The next step would be to seal the surfaces of internal doors. This would prevent any kind of moisture from entering and making an impact on the door in the near future. Most people forget to do this as a result of which the doors get warped after a few years. There are special sealants for this purpose which you will have to apply on the doors.

If the internal doors are flat then it would be easy to paint them. You will need a pad or a roller or a brush and the surface has to be flushed before applying the first coat. If you want apply more than one coating then you can apply sand on the doors which will make the doors smoother than before and then apply the second coat. The internal doors which are raised might be a difficult job. You will have to ensure that the brush you are using is in the same direction of the wood grain. This will help to finish the work faster. For these doors it is wise to apply more than one coat so that they hold the color for a many years.

How to Inspect Your Flat Roof

Roofing is considered to be the important aspect which is to be taken into consideration at the time of installing it in the house. Not only that but there are other aspects and matters which is taken cared and in the mind at the time of installing a roof in your house. Homeowners have their different choice and perceptions regarding the roof which they want to install in their home. As there are many options and choice of installing different roofing methods in their homes amongst them some are flat roofs, metal roofs, asphalt roofs, green roofs, etc. but the most common roofing method which can is installed in the homes and is seen more is the Flat roofs. Proper installation of flat roof is very important because this will prevent the home from getting damaged internally. This article will help you to determine how to inspect your flat roof by yourself.

How to Inspect Your Flat Roof:

Taking care of wicker furniture

Wicker furniture grew in popularity during the Victorian times and has been popular ever since. Home catalogues nowadays feature wicker lounges, tables, couches, chairs, coffee tables among others. Wicker furniture is made from plants, grasses and vines. There are four types of wicker furniture: reed, bamboo, willow and rattan. Its strength and inexpensive characteristics make it all the more popular.

It is durable, however, if regular care is not taken it can get rather fragile. Follow these simple tips to keep your wicker looking brand new.

1) Wicker furniture must not be kept close to direct sunlight, heating ducts, radiators, wood burning stoves or even fireplaces for that matter.
2) Vacuum and clean your wicker with an attached brush. Go in the direction of the weave. While you are cleaning your furniture with the vacuum, check it for holes, splits and sharp ends.
3) Wipe your wicker furniture with a damp piece of cloth on a regular basis since dry wicker splits and cracks.
4) If there has been a spill, wipe and clean it immediately with a damp cloth and liquid mild soap. Unsealed wicker can absorb moisture as good as a sponge does.
5) You can use a garden hose to clean old wicker that has been covered with dirt and dust. But you must be careful not to use a lot of pressure or a force washer. Drain the water and use a soft piece of cloth to dry the furniture.
6) If you have washed or even wiped your wicker, make sure it dries up completely before anybody uses it again.
7) Learn to repair the wicker furniture, especially chairs. Repair tools and kits are easily available on the internet.
8) If you want to put wicker furniture outside for your patio or deck, you must buy plastic wicker. Natural wicker will get badly spoilt if kept outdoors.

Silk Flowers: Perfect Addition to Your Home

Decorating a home is not an easy task for a homeowner. Most of you must be taking the help of professional interior designer for decorating your home. Majority of the homes are decorated with stuffs such as vases, wall hangings, paintings, show pieces and so on. If you are beautifying your home on your own capabilities then you can surely go for the silk flowers which are artificial flowers. Homeowners generally have the impression that decorating your home with artificial flowers is very tacky. But it is not so. Silk flowers can actually become the perfect addition to your home.

Silk flowers will last for longer periods of time. In addition to that, you do not have to worry about its regular maintenance because they will not require regular watering. These artificial flowers generally have close resemblance to real flowers and are extremely soft to touch. Plus you can get hold of silk flowers at very reasonable prices. If you are decorating your home on a tight budget then you can invest in silk flowers.

Nowadays, silk flowers have become absolutely popular among the homeowners. Silk flowers are not usually made out of silk. But these are made out of materials such as velvet, organdie paper, thermocol and so on. Silk flowers were in the past made out of only silk. However, silk is extremely expensive so manufacturers started blending other materials like polyester and cotton to produce silk flowers.

Once you utilize silk flowers to beautify your home, then your home will look absolutely magnificent and charming. Plus your home will also appear cozy and inviting. You can get hold of these flowers from any local flower shop or online flower store quite conveniently. Just purchase the right color and good quality silk flowers that will match the overall décor of your home.

Tips on fence installation

Installing a fence around your house might turn out to be a tricky as well as troublesome job for you if you are not acquainted with the ways. You know what anything seems easy especially you know how to tackle the job. The same truth applies to this issue as well. So you should sense that these are actually nothing that you can worry about. Here is a discussion on this issue.

What should you do actually?

When it comes to keeping the gaze on fence installation and thereby improving the curb appeal of your house you need to tale measured steps. You do need to make it a point that you are going to observe the requirements of the area to be fenced. After you are through you need to proceed methodically.

• Install the post- your efforts should initiate by installing the post. Take proper measurements in this regard.
• Pack the posts- You need to pack the posts in a seamless manner. In this process you have to take care of the spacing. Brace the posts in a proper manner.
• Add rails meticulously- It is a crucial stage. When it comes to the issue of adding rails you need to be too meticulous. Do it with an eye to precision.
• Do not include concrete- If you wish to focus on the poplar methods then you have to shun the use of concrete. Shunning concrete is a popular notion. However there are exceptions.

So you can figure out that you do not need to feel edgy about this. Be cool and be relaxed. If you make it a point that you remain cool then you can take the right decisions. The aforementioned tips are going to be a big help in this regard. If you focus on them you can proceed well in a completely hassle free procedure. It is a sure thing.

The best color picks for a living room

Are you contemplating about the right color choices for your soon-to-be refurbished living room? Living room is certainly one of the most significant chambers in your house as this is where you welcome your guests. Thus you have to be really choosy when it comes to the living room shades as the ambience here will reflect the personality of the homeowner. The article here is a short note on the right shades for your living space.

First of all, you must know that the choice of color is largely determined by the structure of the room. If the room is bigger with sunlight in abundance, the shades would be different from that of a cozy small ambience. If you have a bigger room, you have the liberty to experiment with darker colors. One can take to navy blue, earthy green, peacock blue or slate gray. Red has always been a classic choice for living spaces, especially when it comes to vintage décor- it sits well with the contemporary ambience as well. However, if you find an all-red living too overwhelming, contrast crimson with white for a balanced effect.

You cannot use dark shades for a smaller room as the high concentration of brightness in these colors will darken the room further. The perfect colors for small living rooms are those that can create a spacious illusion inside, letting an airy and open feel across the room. You can vouch for butter yellow here- the very shade is a wonderful mix of lightness and cheerful vibrancy which altogether create a wonderful inviting environ inside the room. Then, you have mint green. It’s refreshing and soothing to the eye. Blue is another good choice for living rooms. Blue brings in serenity and a relaxed atmosphere where your guests can feel free to let their hair down.

How to make your house eco friendly

Environment protection is one of the most important issues in the world at the present moment. Every single step of the people in the world now has something to do with the protection of the environment. If you are thinking also to contribute to this noble cause in your own way, then the first thing you can start with is in your home. We use a lot of utilities in our home which are not at all environmental friendly. However following technological advancement many eco friendly utilities have come up in the market. You can easily replace the traditional utilities in your home with eco friendly utilities thereby contributing to the protection of the environment in a large way.

The traditional lamp shades were still widely used by home owners. These utilities consume a lot of electricity. However in comparison with the amount of electrical power they consume they don’t produce that much of illumination. The chloro fluoro lamps available in the market are eco friendly in the sense that they use much lesser electrical power with a higher illumination level. The thing is same with various other electrical utilities we use in our home. Due to immense technological advancement, they consume lesser energy. These utilities are now days easily available in the market.

Using alternative sources of energy is another way of making your house eco friendly. It is advisable that you install solar panels on the roof of your house so that they get maximum exposure to the sunlight. Being exposed to sun, these panels will entrap enough amount of solar energy during the day time. You can use that solar energy during night in your house thus this will save significant amount of energy consumption in your house. So if you these few simple steps, your house will be completely eco friendly.

Home additions to increase value and beauty of your home

If you are planning to do something different by giving your home a new look, then you can try going for home additions or home extensions. Not only do they provide a completely fresh look to a home, but they also increase the value of a home. There are several kinds of home extension projects you can go for, and depending upon your choices, requirements, budget and legal matters, you can make a choice.

There are things, which need to be considered when you take upon such projects, so you had better make a list after discussing the basics of the project with your general contractor. The paint job, electrical connection, woodwork, furnishing, flooring, etc. should be on the list. Details like fixtures, finishing, lamination etc. should also be considered while making a budget. Also, make sure that the contractor you hire has legal clearance and has experience in such kind of projects.

Use traditional Indian furniture as your drawing room décor

Drawing room is the place where all your guests come and sit. So it can also be described as the face of your whole home. So you must decorate your drawing room in the most attractive and unique way. Use of traditional Indian furniture can give your drawing room a very attractive and unique beauty. It will impart a royal and classy appearance to your drawing room.

You need to do a good research on the traditional Indian furniture while decorating your drawing room. It is not very easy to find traditional Indian furniture these days and so you may get cheated also. The Indian furniture carries intricate designs and is made of teak wood mostly. The color of the furniture is normally bold and traditional. They have a glossy finish normally due to the use of varnish and polish. So you can visit any of the local furniture store or search online for the traditional Indian furniture.