How to Paint a Wall

Girl Painting a wall

Painting a wall in W motion

Painting a wall is very easy. Anyone can paint a wall and get professional results. Just working efficiently, neatly and careful preparation are the factors helpful while painting a wall. Start by planning your approach, accumulating tools important materials, accurate paint for a wall, and at the end proper execution, makes it an outcome like a professional. The Wall of your home colors up your world. Beautiful paints are what that sets a mood for everyday life. So the way you are painting a wall is equally important as the color itself. Below stated steps offers a confident move to hold the process of painting a wall at your home.

Steps of painting a wall:

Step 1: Clean the area surrounding the wall. Any furniture or home stuffs installed should be placed somewhere else. It will provide you ample of space for working and painting a wall freely.

Step 2: Use a sugar soap or a sand paper for cleaning the walls. Be gentle while cleaning because it might damage the walls. Before heading further lay down a drop sheet. It sounds boring? You might get tempted to skip this step, but a clean surface is the best insurance against a ruined and messy paint job.

Step 3: Now it is the time for masking your trim for cutting in. cutting in is a new technique where you need to paint by using an application pad or a paint brush. It reaches to the areas where you cannot work handy. Roller is attached for painting the wall’s edges and high ceilings.

Step 4: Start loading your paint brush by dipping it into the paint roughly half the length of the bristle. Tap the paint brush on a side for removing the excessive paint observed. Start painting a w all by brushing a few centimeters away from the edges of the walls. Paint a line of edge on the walls and grab it further for painting a wall’s edges perfect.

Step 5: Now it is the time for apply roller on the walls. Load the roller, push it forward on the tray and lift it to see that it is working evenly. If you observe the roller to be unbalanced, it proves that the paint is not evenly spread. Continue rolling it until it is perfectly spread all over the walls.

Step 6: Start from the cut where you rolled across while painting a wall. Require best results, roll as far into the brushed section of your wall.

Step 7: After covering an area on the wall, it’s time to lay off the wall for getting a smooth final finish. This step is the most important step in rolling a wall and should be performed when you have already painted a wall roughly 4-5 meters.

Step 8: Get through these steps and yes, you are done. At least simply clean up the wall with a clean cloth for eliminating excessive dust or unnecessary spots on the walls.

Tip: painting a wall in “W” motion will ensure an even distribution of paint across the wall.

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