How To Fix Leaking Pipes

leaking pipesThere are several types of plumbing leaks. Some of the plumbing leaks are such which floods your home whereas there are some of the plumbing leaks don’t matter at all or don’t even comes in notice. Such small plumbing leaks are not so much damaging. While you are approaching to fix leaking pipes, it should be depending upon the type of leak it is. If the leaking pipes in the joint then you should probably tighten the joint and it is the best solution to fix leaking pipes which are at joint. If the leaking pipe is in middle of the pipe except joint then you should remove the damaged portion of the pipe and then replace that portion of the pipe with a new one. This might seem too easy as it is easily said but actually fixing leaking pipes is quite more complicated.

Say for example try to turn a threaded galvanized steel pipe for unscrewing it from its fitting to one of its end and then you have to tighten the pipe into the fitting at the other end. While you are working with copper pipe, the new section has to be sweat-soldered in its proper place. Most of the tasks of fixing leaking pipes are left in the hands of the plumber only but if you are a handy person and you take into consideration do it yourself things then you can possibly try pipe patch instead of fixing leaking pipes as that could be comparatively more easier.

If you want to patch your pipe while fixing leaking pipes then you can do it with the help of using patch kits which are specifically available for fixing leaking pipes and it is available in any of the hardware stores. If it is not available in any of the hardware store then you can possibly use a hose clamp which is having a rubber patch. Factory made kits usually contains a rubber pad which goes over the hole inside the pipe and also the metal plates which compresses the rubber pad over the hole. The easiest and quickest way to fix leaking pipes is to use a patch kit on a permanent basis if your pipes are sound.

Some of the other temporary quick fix measures for fixing leaking pipes include wrapping the waterproof tape over the bad spot or even rubbing the hole by using a stick of special compound. Inserting a self-tapping plug inside the hole or application of epoxy paste can be some of the other alternatives for fixing leaking pipes. While you are using waterproof tape, make sure that the pipe is properly dry before you start to rap it. If there are tiny leaks in the pipes then you can apply compound stick which is available at most of the hardware stores. You just have to rub the stick over the hole for stopping the plumbing leak on your pipe.

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