Green Homes

How to make your house eco friendly

Environment protection is one of the most important issues in the world at the present moment. Every single step of the people in the world now has something to do with the protection of the environment. If you are thinking also to contribute to this noble cause in your own way, then the first thing […]

Should you invest in a greenhouse?

More and more people these days are planning in investing in green houses. If you have a large area near your house, then you can easily become a greenhouse gardener. The conditions in colder regions are not favorable for the growth of most plants and that is where a greenhouse comes into use. A greenhouse […]

Green pest control projects for your home

All of us who are involved in gardening or farming in our garden will be familiar to the problem of pests. These pests can be weed, that eats away the nutrition of the soil or macro and micro organisms that gnaw away on the leaves, roots and fruits of plants. Here are a few green […]

Solar thermal energy for your home

Everyone is becoming environmentally cautious. With the global warming issue rising alarmingly day-by-day, people are realizing that sustainable development is the only way to save the planet. Doing your bit will not only make you feel better but your life will be healthier too. In addition, you can save a lot on your electricity bills. […]