Colors And Paint

How to Paint a Wall

Painting a wall is very easy. Anyone can paint a wall and get professional results. Just working efficiently, neatly and careful preparation are the factors helpful while painting a wall. Start by planning your approach, accumulating tools important materials, accurate paint for a wall, and at the end proper execution, makes it an outcome like […]

The best color picks for a living room

Are you contemplating about the right color choices for your soon-to-be refurbished living room? Living room is certainly one of the most significant chambers in your house as this is where you welcome your guests. Thus you have to be really choosy when it comes to the living room shades as the ambience here will […]

Harms lead based paint can do to you

Lead based paint has been popular since the 1970s. It has been used in homes, furniture and toys extensively. However, the truth is that lead based paint is harmful. Lead improves the performance of the paint undoubtedly but its toxicity makes it a very harmful substance. It is especially dangerous for children below the age […]

Highlighting your walls with the right color pick

Your walls are the places where you can let your imagination run wild and do whatever you want to do on them. Painting the walls of your house is a very exciting chore to do. While choosing the colors, first decide if you want a theme for the room. Like jungle theme for your kids’ […]