Tips to keep your bathroom flooring good as new

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house but in most cases it is one of those overlooked areas of the house. However, the way a bathroom is preserved can tell a lot about the owner of the house. The bathroom flooring is very important and it has to be maintained […]

Contemporary flooring for your bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most important and vital functioning area of any house as it is often visited. Properly designing your bathroom is very vital as it can potentially increase the value of your property. Nowadays most of the new established bathrooms have a contemporary feel to it. This consists of a minimalist, gleaming […]

Slate tiles for shower: why is it a good pickSlate tiles for shower: why is it a good pick

Give your bathroom the look and feel of a spa with the addition of slate tiles. The slate tiles can look amazing if properly placed but can also look horribly out of place if proper attention to detail is not given. The slate tiles in the shower is a recent addition as it adds a […]

Spa décor for your bathroom

Everyone likes to go to spa so as you. But enjoying the atmosphere of spa every day is not possible as you cannot go spa every day; right? So here is a solution by which you can enjoy pleasures of spa everyday that too in your homes. How? Do not be confused. Your bathrooms are […]

Compact Bathroom Cabinets To Avoid Bathroom Clutter

Bathrooms are one of the least spacious areas in most homes. However they have the most of the items to store. Right from the toiletries to the cosmetics, it is the bathroom that holds a majority of these products. Thus it is very imminent that the bathroom gets cluttered very easily on a regular basis. […]

How can you conserve water at home?

Water seems to play silently an important part behind our living and yet we knowingly or unknowingly indulge in water wastage!! To speak in wide sense other than drinking for quenching your thirst, we waste water in every next thing if we don’t keep an eye on the usage!! Conserving water should or may have […]

Bathroom organization tips: guidelines to keep it clutter free

The countertops in the bathroom should be clean and free from clutter. if they are filled with things that you will never need, you will find yourself wasting your time when you have something important to find in that area. Therefore, do away with those things that you hardly ever need. The appliances that you […]

Elegant flooring options for your modern bathroom

Modern bathrooms are not less than other rooms of a home when it comes to interior decor. The décor of bathroom are the ones that are quite difficult to select. Selecting good flooring for the room is quite difficult task because of the options you have in this field. Bathroom is a place that mostly […]