Why should you waterproof your basement?

There are some key benefits of getting your basement waterproof. The value of investment can be maintained by making the basement waterproof. Home is the biggest investment that you can make. If the house is damaged by water, the valuation will go down. The resale value of the house will be good with a waterproof […]

Foam insulating your basement

Insulation is a very important thing for the houses. People living in the cold countries would find insulation more important than anyone else. It is very important to preserve heat in the house so that you and your family can live comfortably inside the house. The excess cold during the winter can be unbearable and […]

How to redecorate the area under your stairs

The area under the stairs may be less but if you use your imagination, you can make use of the space in various ways. It can be used as a cozy reading corner, a small office area, or even a mini bar. Start with planning everything out. Consider the amount of space that you have. […]